Construction Method Statements & Risk Assessments Pack

Our popular Builders Mega Pack  has been reduced in price, we offer over 50 documents for just £149.99  £59.99 These are written by a Chartered and registered Building Engineer with over 30 years site experience including site and project management and are suitable for small builders to main contractors. Containing Method statements, Risk assessments and COSHH, these professional documents are in MS Word and when the pack is purchased they are stored in your account downloads area, 3 downloads for each document are available giving customers back up copies. From…

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Small Building Works Safety Documents

House builders safety docs

When undertaking  small building works such as a new house or larger extension Method statements and Risk Assessments are essential. These Method statements would normally cover :- Concrete Foundations Block and Beam Flooring Brick and Blockwork Drainage Plastering Painting and Decorating The Risk areas and assessments should generally  include:- Slips,Trips and Falls. Manual Handling. Work at Height Cutting and Grinding (Abrasive Wheels) Each site will have varied Risk factors and these will require the safe work methods to cover them, The General safe work method should include these general items:-…

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Method Statement & Risk Assessment for a Mechanical Road Sweeper

Road sweeper image

  The Steps that can be taken to help reduce the risks are:-Before starting sweeping operations. Ensure guards on machinery in place and effective for protection. Always wear protective clothing and PPE as required. Take extra care on uneven and/or sloping ground especially when crossing gradients. No passengers to be carried. Secure vehicle during breaks and when unattended. Machine not to be left unattended with engine running. Controls to be kept free of obstructions.    Pre Site Machine Preparation  Strip machine down for cleaning. Empty rubbish collection bag and dispose…

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Method Statement for Installation of Black Iron Gas Pipe

This is an example method statement describing the safe work method for installing black iron gas pipe. The full method statement is part of a special gas pipe safety pack, where risk assessments for slips trips and falls and work at height are included as well as COSHH Assessments for pipe threading oil and for pipe joint compound. For more Information and to purchase this pack please visit HERE Objective: To Complete installation of new Black Iron Gas pipe onto walls Unistrut fixings and Gas Meter Box’s. Location: Timescale: Starts…

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Method Statement for Materials Delivery

Description of Works: (Main objective) To safely receive and store materials required for the project without damage to the existing structures/services and without injury to persons. Expected Start and End Dates: Associated Health, Safety and Environmental Assessments:- (Risk Assessments, COSHH Assessments etc.) Manual Handling Risk Assessment Reducing  Risk Steps that can be taken to reduce risks associated with this task/s       The Site storage area and compound will be fully secured       Sign boards will be erected where required.       Banksman to be used…

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Method Statement for Plastering

Plaster work requirements will vary with site and contract conditions, this example method statement is generic and the work steps and procedures are basic. Plastering Works Method Statement The work area will be cleared of any items or obstacles to avoid trip hazards; The work area will then be covered with dust protection sheets to protect the flooring. The waste material collected from the dust sheets will be doubled bagged for removal from the site at the end of each day. All works carried out at a height will be…

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Method Statement for Plasterboard Taping & Jointing

This basic example Method Statement is for fixing plasterboard to stud walls and carrying out taping and jointing works.   Work Activity: Taping & Jointing Objective: To carry out taping and jointing of plasterboard to required specification. Location: Timescale: Welfare and First Aid: Facilities available at contract site. Reducing Risk: •             No unauthorised persons allowed on site during works, steps to be taken to ensure public are kept out of work areas. •             Area Inspected before works commence daily, and at suitable intervals during the day. •             Any work on…

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Method Statement for Shopfitting

This is an example of a shopfitting method statement:- Work Activity: Shopfitting Date:                                              Reference Number: Prepared by:                             Approved by: Objective: To complete shop fit out to drawings and specifications. Location: Insert location here Timescale: Insert dates here Welfare and First Aid: Welfare facilities are available in the work area? First aiders and first aid…

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Safe Setting out of Pipelines and Manholes

Safe Setting out of Pipelines and Manholes. Accurate extraction of pertinent setting out information from issued drawings Coordinates, Levels, Built in Items, References to Standard details checked. Notes on the drawings have been read and understood. Preparation for setting out Ensuring that Control stations and levelled benchmarks have been traversed and checked. Ensuring that the Instruments have been checked, levels are 2 peg tested and that they have current instrument calibration records. Checking that the proposed work area has been checked with a Cable Avoidance Tool. Its advisable to use…

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Method Statement for Reinforced Concrete Pour

young worker

Method Statement for Reinforced Concrete Pour  Preparing for the pour Pre pour checks and check sheet ( if part of your QA system) must be completed prior to the pour, check line and levels, check the steel reinforcement against the current issued drawings, if you are not experienced then ask the sub or site agent to check this section of work. When all formwork has been checked and that support props are correctly installed, check built in items (for example box-outs) then you may sign any relevant QA document giving…

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Tips for Writing Method Statements & Risk Assessments

Tips for Writing  Method Statements & Risk Assessments:-  Write down all the steps for the works that you will be undertaking. At each step make a note of tools, equipment, Labour and materials you will need to complete each step. At each step think about any safety risks that are associated with the work activity, also consider if any chemicals or substances that you intend or are contracted to use are hazardous to health, consider less hazardous chemicals if possible. Items such as location, noise levels and the environment will…

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Method Statement For Concrete Foundations

Foundation trench

This basic example is suitable for building foundations for new house’s or where mass fill concrete trench foundations are used. Reducing Risk:- 1)      Banksman Present during excavation and concrete pouring works. 2)      No un-authorized persons allowed on site during concrete pours. 3)      Warning signs. 4)      PPE to be worn at all times. 5)      Goggles and gloves MUST be worn during concreting operations. 6)     Risk Assessments for Excavations and for Concrete Work to be carried out prior to the works commencing. The general risks of cement and cement based…

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