Method Statement for Lifting Operations

Lifting Operations carry a number of risks, some steps that can be taken to reduce these risks are:-

  1.   Access to be restricted to the site area.
  2.   All work areas to be kept clear of trip hazards and a good housekeeping standard is required.
  3.   All operatives to wear project specific PPE including – coveralls or long sleeved t-shirts and trousers, hi-vis coats/vests, hard hats, safety glasses and ankle supported safety boots. Gloves and hearing protection will be     available for use when required.
  4.   A certified Slinger/signaller to be identified to the lift operator by different coloured hi-visibility clothing and/or safety helmet
  5.   A mobile phone to be available for summoning emergency assistance
  6.   Reversing vehicles to be undertaken with banksman present
  7.   All lifting equipment and accessories used on site will be appropriately certified and tested
  8.   Only CPCS trained/certified personnel to operate the lifting equipment and accessories.
  9.   Obtain known weight of item to be lifted / transported.

The Work Method for Lifting Operations is: 

  • An assessment will be made on site by the appointed person and/or the crane supervisor as to the weight and suitability of the item to be lifted.
  • The current location and the final location of the load to be established.
  • Selection, provision and use of suitable crane and lifting equipment is then to be considered in consultation with a suitable supplier.
  • The crane and lifting equipment selected for the operation is to be assessed prior to use for appropriate and up to date maintenance and inspection records, examination and testing certification. Evidence of these records will be provided and copies maintained on site.
  • Lifting accessories selected for use for these lifting operations will either be Hired from a reputable local supplier and be supplied with the required certification or supplied from the company store of lifting equipment and will be colour coded with the current lifting equipment colour.
  • The current lifting equipment colour will be clearly displayed on the site notice board.
  • The condition of all lifting accessories to be utilised on any specific lift will be assessed by the crane supervisor and/or slinger/signaller prior to use and any defects identified reported immediately and the equipment removed from use and replaced/repaired.
  • Weekly statutory inspections will also be undertaken and recorded on all lifting accessories as identified by LOLER. ( Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 UK Regulations)
  • Prior to any lifting operation taking place the site access and working area will be assessed and if necessary, preparations will be made to ensure suitable working platform and access road.
  • The lifting operation to take place will be communicated to all personnel within the immediate vicinity to ensure consideration of their safety immediately prior to the lift taking place.

A generic editable method statement for lifting operations is available HERE

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