Method Statement for Plasterboard Taping & Jointing

This basic example Method Statement is for fixing plasterboard to stud walls and carrying out taping and jointing works.


Work Activity:

Taping & Jointing


To carry out taping and jointing of plasterboard to required specification.



Welfare and First Aid:

Facilities available at contract site.

Reducing Risk:

•             No unauthorised persons allowed on site during works, steps to be taken to ensure public are kept out of work areas.

•             Area Inspected before works commence daily, and at suitable intervals during the day.

•             Any work on ladders/scaffold to be planned, floors to be level and dry. Scaffolding system to be checked before use by a trained and competent person.

•             Warning signs if required.

•             PPE to be worn at all times. (personal protective equipment) Gloves, hard hat, face masks etc.

•             All areas to be kept clean and tidy at all times to reduce tripping and slipping hazards.

Health, Safety and Environmental Assessments:

RA001 Working At Height

RA002 Slips Trips & Falls

Related Assessments:



Works will be supervised by Suitable person appointed by Management


All staff are fully trained and are competent in this type of work


Plant / Equipment:

Hand Tools/Jointing Tools

Mobile scaffold tower/ hop ups

Safe Work Method:

1.            All work areas will be inspected, areas and tasks will be confirmed against required works.

2.            Plasterboard installed on stud work in accordance with contract and material specification.


3.            All plasterboard joints will be inspected, nail/screw fixings recessed if not done.

4.            Paper Tape will be applied to a layer of joint filler.

5.            The Tape is then pressed into place and excess filler is removed.

6.            A layer of joint cement is added to blend the joints into the wall and sanded.

7.            A topcoat is added, and sanded down and cleaned (vacuumed) and checked that the surface is ready for decoration.


A mobile phone will be available at all times to summon emergency services, the site supervision staff will be advised of the nearest hospital.

This method statement will be the subject of a toolbox talk given to all personnel involved with the work activity.