Risk Assessment for General Building Works

This Example Risk Assessment covers the main risks associated with small building works/renovations

Risk Being Assessed: General Building work, Excavations, Foundations, General Brick and Block work, Work at height, Manual Handling.

Initial Risk Assessed as:-

MEDIUM (Point Range 4 to 6 Minor Injury/Disease/Loss)
Section B- Control Measures:- Steps taken & steps to be taken to reduce risks

Run over or hit by excavator

Only Site Operatives and persons permitted within site.

Only Trained Persons are allowed to operate the equipment.

Mirrors are fitted and checked before use.
Banksman supervising at ALL times.
Check All slew areas.
Bucket changes to be done away from excavations and with full banksman supervision Ensure that excavator is checked before use, including all hydraulic hoses and pins for securing buckets. (Blue book) to be used,Ensure buckets etc are not stored next to excavations.
Persons falling into excavations

Site Operatives and persons permitted within site All works supervised by banksman.
All excavations are securely fenced off when works have stopped ( even for lunch breaks)
Collapse of excavations Workers Use of trench boxes, use of propriety ground support systems, and excavations stepped where possible.
Excavated material stored away from excavation,  ensure that all excavations are fully checked by trained person before work commences.

Buried and Overhead Services
Services All Persons Use CAT with service provider’s drawings.
Hand dig trial holes where required
Concrete Foundations Concrete Works
PPE required, Toolbox talks
Trained persons to pour and finish concrete.

Manual Handling
Injuries- Brick and block phase All Site Operatives where regular lifting of brick/block or concrete lintels etc All load are transported to work area/scaffold by telehandler or suitable forklift
Toolbox talks are held on a regular basis. Ensure that any heavy items such as lintels or precast/other items can be lifted by mechanical means. Management when required

Brickwork and Block work, General Building All persons Use spot boards etc. to ensure bricks/blocks are raised to an easier working height.

Falls from height
Workers. Inspecting Scaffolding before use.
Ensuring Handrails are secure.
Airbags and netting where practicable. Continual Toolbox talks to workers telling them NOT to interfere or miss use scaffolding.
Falls from mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPS)
Fall arrest systems used where required, Workers trained to not over-reach.

Toe Boards installed on Scaffolding. Tools secured by rope to MEWPS

Good Housekeeping to ensure clear paths and work areas.

Tools/materials falling from MEWPS or scaffolding
Falls from Ladders

Workers Ladders to be a last resort, and to be used for short durations only.

Correct ladders used at all times.
Ensure ladders are secured and at correct angle. Continual inspection of ladders before and after use.
No Heavy items are to be carried up a ladder.

Workers Assess all routes where items are carried for obstacles or obstructions.

Slips Trips and Falls Workers and others who may be permitted to enter the area. All spills are cleaned up immediately. Signage to notify all persons of slip hazard. Management/Supervision to arrange.

Workers and others who may be permitted to enter the area. Good Housekeeping practices.
Correct storage of materials. Particular attention to be paid to wrappings and strapping, these must be bundled and disposed of.

General Site access and Safety
Ensure that suitable fencing and manned gates are established Check daily

Deliveries  Banksman present at all times, designated approved delivery area required Supervise deliveries and schedule at times outside school pupil drop off and collection times

Workers to wear ear protection.
Keep noise to a minimum Monitor noise levels
Use dust suppression where dust is created Monitor and supervise dust suppression.
Additional Measures Current Actions Additional Measures Needed
Trained Supervision Trained operators and Banksmen used.
Training & Instruction
Emergency Plans
Tools and Equipment With Reduced Noise/Vibration

The Risk Assessed after all the measures taken:


(Injury Seldom/unlikely)
Point Range 1 to 3
If the Score is Low: The Assessment need go no further.
If the Score is Medium or High: Further Assessment is required.

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