Method Statement for a hydraulic pile breaker

This is an example Safe Work Method Statement suitable for using a hydraulic pile breaker to cut reinforced concrete piles to the specified design level.

The full method statement is available HERE 

Cut-off works to commence when Concrete piles have been cured for a minimum of 7 days. (this depends on the diameter of the piles, the project design specification will list the required curing times, for example these are to be confirmed by test cubes being crushed at 7, 14 and 21 day intervals.


  1. The area around the piles to be excavated to the required level and dimensions in accordance with the latest issued drawing. They should be cleaned back to concrete. The excavated material is too be loaded into a dumper and transported to the designated stockpile. (The dumper driver is to stand away from the dumper when it’s being loaded)
  2. The excavations are to be fenced off with a suitable barrier fence.
  3. The site Engineer will mark off the required cut level around each pile. (Best practice is to use the hydraulic breaker 20mm above the cut line to further reduce damage/fractures below the cut line; the remainder can then be removed using 110v/hydraulic hand chipper)
  4. A toolbox talk will be given on the use of the hydraulic breaker and all concerned are to confirm they understand the method and equipment.
  5. During the Pile cutting the work area should be fenced off/ signs placed and where needed a banksman/supervisor to warn other workers of the works.
  6. The hydraulic breaker will then cut off the piles to the required level, care and attention required to ensure that the piles are not damaged below the cut off level.
  7. The Cut Concrete waste is to be loaded into a dumper and taken to the designated stockpile.
  8. Any fine adjustments will be made by General operatives using hand tools and the rebar is to be cleaned and if specified protected from rust.
  9. Operatives to wear eye protection, gloves, hardhat and Hi-Vis clothing at all times.
Piles after cutting to level
© Hupeng | Dreamstime.comWorkers On The Reinforced Concrete Pile Caps Photo