Method Statement Template

Method Statement Template

Method statements are written to provide a “safe system of work” the information they contain is compiled to show that controls will be in place to reduce any task related risks and should refer to any Risk Assessments that have been carried out. These are required at the tender stage as well as prior to the works starting and should be checked and signed by the contractor and the main contractor/clients person in charge of safety.

The tools and equipment, manpower and supervision are listed along with details such as first aid and first aiders, welfare arrangements and a list of the work sequences required to perform the work from start to finish.

Templates make the task easier, many people will use blank templates and fill in all the details or more often a completed method statement template is used. The completed templates contain generic examples of the risks and safe method of works, most of the time they will require some editing that will include the job reference and site/contractor details and should there be changes to the generic work sequence the template is edited to show these. The most common changes to the template are job site related as each site will be different.

The Method Statement Templates should be saved in the original form and edited/saved for each job, they should be filed in the sites health and safety file or method statement file as well as copies kept by the person/company writing them.

Level of Detail:-

The level of detail is dependant on the type of work and the equipment and materials that will be used, sufficient details will be required show a safe work method and these range from a simple paragraph to multipage highly detailed safe systems of work.

These must be written by someone who has a full understanding and experience of the type of work and a site visit should be carried out to determine the site related risks and other pertinent information that maybe required such as material storage, access and other work being carried out in the area.

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