Method Statement for the demolition of existing internal masonry walls

Example Method Statement for the demolition of existing internal masonry walls

Work to be done:-

Demolish existing internal walls in accordance with issued drawings

Risk Assessments:-

RA001- Manual Handling

RA002- Slips trips and falls

RA003- Abrasive wheels

RA004- Uncontrolled Collapse:

  • The age of the structure.
  • Its previous use.
  • The type of construction.
  • Nearby buildings or structures.
  • The weight of removed material or machinery on floors above ground level.

The method statement for the demolition should identify the sequence required to prevent accidental collapse of the structure.

RA005- Connected Services

Plant, Tools & Equipment:-

Mechanical Props

Hand Tools

Cutting tools

Basic Safe Work Method:-

Ensure that all services to the area have been isolated by trained and certified persons.

Access to the work area is to be restricted to demolition workers only, public to be warned of works.

The works will be carried out in a logical sequence; soft strip will be carried out followed by installation of props.

Propping to be inspected by Structural Engineer and approved prior to main demolition of walls.

Use of cutting tools is to be carried out using wet cutting only.

The walls will be demolished by hand and using proprietary hand tools suitable for the task, care and attention is required where tripping hazards may occur, in addition the demolished material is to be removed as soon as possible and not be allowed to accumulate within the work areas this is to be constant where works are carry out above ground level.

Constant checking will be required to ensure that structural integrity of the building is maintained.

This method statement is part of our demolition Method statement and risk assessment pack available HERE


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© Luis Santos |


Our Demolition method statement and risk assessment is available HERE