Method Statement for a Bathroom refit

This is a very basic example Method Statement for a Bathroom refit.

Main Risk Areas:-

  1. Manual Handling
  2. Slips Trips and Falls
  3. Power Tools


Reducing Risk

Note Steps that can be taken to reduce risks associated with this task/s

1. Only Trained and Certified Electricians and Gas Fitters will be permitted to disconnect and reconnect any appliances (Heating/Hot water systems/Power Points and Lighting)

2. Gloves will be worn at all times where sharp hand tools are used and old tiles are being removed due to sharp edges.

3. Manual handling of the bathroom fittings will be carried out by trained persons.

4. Ensure that suitable floor surfaces exist, and that they can withstand the weight of a full bath tub of water.

Plant, Tools & Equipment:-

Table mounted tile saw.

Hand tools.

Skip (where required)

First Aid Box kept in works vehicle


Work Method

(Key steps & stages of the work required)


  1. The installation team will carry out a full inspection of the work area.


  1.  If there are clients/residents in the home, to avoid dust egress into the client’s home dust sheets are to be used.


  1. The waste skip will be delivered and placed in a suitable location and will be off street within the clients parking area.


  1. The water will be turned off at the stop tap.


  1. The old bathroom units and tiles will be removed and placed securely into the waste skip.


(Due care to be taken if the old and new units are to be moved up and down stairs)


  1. The new fittings will be installed as per the client’s specification.


  1. The new floor and wall tiles will be laid (If Specified), and grouted after a suitable period.


  1. The work area will be cleaned, and all waste removed from all work areas.


  1. A proprietary net will be placed and secured onto a waste skip for safe transportation of the waste.
  2. New systems checked and confirmed to be in full working order, client to inspect and approve.

(This method Statement is available in full HERE)

man tiling a wall
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