Risk Assessment Matrix

Determining the risk score of any work activity is done by using a risk matrix, The sequence of a risk assessment is to:-

  1. Understand the work, the work site and give the task an initial score.
  2. If the initial score is low then injury/disease/loss is unlikely, its advisable to ensure that a safe system of work (method Statement) is in place.
  3. If the initial score is medium, you must determine who or what is at risk, how they may be injured and write up the steps that are currently taken or will need to be taken to reduce the risks.
  4. If you have given the work task a high score then the risks identified need to be studied, reduction of risk measures determined and if the score is still high then the work will need re-assessing and in most cases the design or scope of works will need to be changed to allow tasks to be carried out with less risk.

The matrix illustrated below is easy to understand and can be used with our risk assessment templates or pre completed assessments  available HERE                                                                                                                                                               risk matrix