Method Statement for Builders Clean

This is a typical method statement that would be used for a cleaning company or site staff engaged in carrying out a “builders clean”.


To carry out planned cleaning to new build properties.
Various within Main Contractors work area.
Welfare and First Aid:
WC Facilities would be available in client properties or Site Offices. First Aid Box carried within vehicle.
Reducing Risk:
  1. Good housekeeping practices.
  2. Continual inspection of any tools and cleaning equipment.
  3. Assessing tasks prior to carrying them out and wearing correct PPE where required.
  4. Use of manual handling techniques.
  5. Reduced use of Chemicals and substances hazardous to health
Health, Safety and Environmental Assessments:
RA001- Slips Trips & FallsRA002- Manual Handling

RA003-Working at Height

Related Assessments:
Supervision:The works will be supervised by
Labour fully trained and experienced for this type of work.
Plant / Equipment:
Hand Tool, brushes, Mops, Buckets, Brooms Power and battery operated tools possible (vacuums)

Ladders and Trestles where required.











Work Method:

  1. Upon Arrival staff will report to the Site Manager and receive induction if required and instruction on works.
  2. The property/s will be inspected inside and out prior to any works commencing; this will hopefully be done in conjunction with the Site Manager or his designated employee. (This will be done to confirm the property is ready and to ensure that no damage or problems exist).
  3. The sequence for cleaning is as follows:- (in accordance with “plot cleaning scope of works document”)
  • Safely Access the loft and remove any waste, this will be bagged and later disposed of in the designated skip on site.
  • Removal of all stickers, protective coverings inside the house and clean all cupboards including the airing cupboard and fitted units bedrooms and kitchens etc.
  • Cleaning of all radiators (including the rear) Bathroom painted areas, tiled areas all fittings and fixings.
  • WC will be thoroughly cleaned if required.
  • All rooms will be polished if required.
  • The Kitchen including appliances and fittings will then be cleaned and polished if required, cleaning of the inside of all kitchen units.
  • All internal and external windows will be cleaned (exterior upstairs by means of extendable fiberglass rod and cleaning attachment).
  • All patio door and thresholds will be cleaned.
  • All internal floors to be thoroughly cleaned, including staircase.
  • Meter boxes cleaned inside and out
  • Garden cleared of litter and debris.
  • Garage doors if applicable
  • Driveways, paths parking areas and any other outbuildings cleaned and swept.
  • All debris bagged and deposited in designated skips on site.


Once Complete the Site Manager of his deputy will sign off the house, and the keys will be             returned. Revisits where required will be carried out, until ready for client handover.   

The Supervisor will have a mobile phone available to summon assistance. The Site Manager and staff can be contacted in addition to supervisors call.