Mobile Scaffold Towers

Mobile Scaffold Towers 

Main Risks

1.   Working at height

2.   Dropped Tools or Materials

3.   Towers Toppling Over

5.   Overhead power lines (Risk of arcing or tower in contact with Overhead Power lines)

Steps to Reduce Risks

1)    Mobile scaffold Towers should only be erected on firm and level ground.

2)    Mobile scaffold towers to be erected and dismantled by trained persons only.

3)    Mobile towers wheels should not be less than 125mm in diameter with SWL clearly visible, wheels are to have tamper proof breaks.

4)    Scaffold tower erection height to be within the manufacturer’s specification instruction and stabilisers MUST be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. (If hired this information must be supplied by the hire company).

5)    Guardrails and toe boards must be installed where persons and tools/equipment could fall.

6)    Access up and down the tower must be by the supplied internal ladder or if not supplied the access by proprietary means.

7)    The mobile tower scaffold must be inspected before use by a trained and competent person before and after use.

8)    When moving mobile scaffold towers they are to be pushed from the base with the route checked for obstructions and overhead power and utility lines.  Care and attention is paramount and sufficient persons used to manually move the tower.

9)    The scaffold towers must be boarded using proprietary boards supplied with the tower only, no non-standard equipment to be used.

10) If workers are to do any “reaching” from the tower they are to wear a harness that’s lanyard is securely attached to the tower, in all cases ensure that the tower is placed in a position for where works can be carried out without over reaching.

11) Warning signs are to be erected and if practicably possible a safe area below the scaffold to be marked by physical or warning tape, if used in a public area then there must be a physical barrier and a nominated person to warn of overhead works.

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