Method Statement for Block Paving

This Example Method Statement covers the general safe work method for block paving.


To carry out block laying including placing and preparing the sand bed, block laying to line and level, compaction of the blocks, dry sanding the joints and cutting to fit at edges and joints.

Reducing Risk

  • Fencing and barriers to be erected for workspace separation and security.
  • Access to be restricted to the site area.
  • All work areas to be kept clear of trip hazards and a good housekeeping standard is required.
  • All tools and equipment to be kept in store when not in use.
  • All personnel to wear protective clothing, hi‐visibility coats/vests and ankle supported safety boots. Gloves, hearing protection, face masks and safety glasses will be available for use when required.
  • A mobile phone to be available for summoning emergency assistance if required.
  • Reversing vehicles and plant to be undertaken with banksman.
  • Pedestrian control and management to be in force when any potential hazardous movement or exercise is to be undertaken.


2 No. Experienced Block Layers

2 No. Plant and Equipment Operatives

2 No. General Site Labourers

Plant & Equipment Requirements

  • 3Tonne Tracked Mini Digger
  • Fork Lift Truck
  • Compactor Plate
  • Abrasive Masonry Cutting Saw & Blades
  • Block Splitter Sand Screed Unit Screed Bars
  • Block Carts
  • Site Level, Tripod and staff (Calibration Certificate to be current)
  • General Tools & Equipment (Mallets, Levels, Lines, Wheelbarrow, Floats etc.

Work Method


  • All personnel to be issued with a copy of this Method Statement for review.
  • All personnel to undertake site familiarisation and location of site welfare areas and stores.
  • All plant and equipment to be brought onto site and located in designated area.
  • Workspace area, site separation and security to be marked and erected using barriers provided. All personnel to be issued with necessary protective clothing and equipment.

Sand Screed:

  • Lay and spread supplied sand to a depth of 70mm below finished height level.
  • Set in screed bars to 80mm below finished height level and compact 3 times.
  • Screed area using screed unit and remove bars.
  • Float where bars have been removed and check levels and falls on screed area. Repeat screed process where necessary.

Block laying:

  • Lay supplied 80mm blocks in the agreed random ratio pattern.
  • Set out Header of blocks and mark for cutting.
  • Set out Inner Border of blocks and mark for cutting. Cut blocks to fit using Abrasive Masonry Cutting Saw.
  • Remove cut blocks and replace with 80mm blocks in the agreed random ratio pattern. During laying supervisor to check pattern, joints and paving lines and adjust where necessary.
  • When all blocks are laid check for imperfections and replace where necessary. Clean down and brush off blocks in preparation for finish.


  • Spread paving jointing sand and compact whole area.
  • Brush off excess sand.
  • Ensure site is clear of equipment and cleaned thoroughly.
  • Ensure surrounding areas, pavement and access carriageway is also clean. Ask client or the clients representative to inspect the work for quality and sign off.
    Block  paving
    Cutting Block Paving Stones

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