Brick & Block Laying Safety Document Pack

To assist Brick and Block laying companies and individuals we have put together a professional set of Health & Safety Method Statements, Risk Assessments and COSHH Assessments, these are perfect for any sized company and are suitable for use in any country.

This Brick and Block laying Pack has been put together with the following Very useful and often asked for Documents:-

  • Method statement for brick and block work

This example covers tools and equipment, steps to reduce risks, manpower as well as a general safe method of work.

  • Risk Assessment for brick and block work

This risk assessment details Manual Handling, Slips and Trips, Dust and Silicosis and other injuries with steps to be taken to reduce these risks.

  • Risk Assessment For Working With Cement Mixers

Risks Assessed include Mixer operations, Moving Parts, Electric Shock, Dust mad Exposure to cement products.

  • COSHH Assessment for Ready Mixed Cement
  • COSHH Assessment for Ordinary Portland Cement
  • COSHH Assessment for Silica Sand
  • Blank Method Statement Template (2013 edition)
  • Blank Risk Assessment Template (2013 edition)


This Special Pack is only available HERE at our Sister Site where we have a multitude of Health and Safety Documents Available.  This Pack is now available for only £15,00 Purchased Individually the total price would be £62.93 this saves you £47.93