Mass Fill Concrete Trench Foundations

This basic example method statement is suitable for building foundations for new house’s or other types of structures where mass fill concrete trench foundations are used.

Reducing the Risk:-

1)      Banksman Present during excavation and concrete pouring works.

2)      No un-authorized persons allowed on site during concrete pours.

3)      Warning signs.

4)      PPE to be worn at all times.

5)      Goggles and gloves MUST be worn during concreting operations.

6)     Risk Assessments for Excavations and for Concrete Work to be carried out prior to the works commencing.

The general risks of cement and cement based products are as follows:-

  • Contains Chromium VI, May produce an allergic reaction.
  • Risk of Serious Damage to eyes.
  • Contact with wet cement/concrete may cause burns, irritation or dermatitis.
  • The lime, Calcium Silicates and alkalis within the cement are partially soluble and when mixed with water will give rise to potentially hazardous alkaline solution.

Tools and Equipment:-

  • Mechanical Excavator.
  • Dumper.
  • Concrete Vibration Poker.
  • Hand Tools.
  • Surveying Equipment.
  • Cable Avoidance Tool.

General Sequence of Works:-

1)      Engineer will set out the excavation lines. ( The issued drawings to be checked and confirmed as the latest revision)

2)      Area will be scanned with Cable Avoidance Tool.

3)      The trench’s will be excavated and levels checked constantly and Site Engineer to confirm that the design depth has been achieved.

4)      Levels for top of concrete by laser or conventional level as per construction drawings.

5)      Concrete will be discharged directly from the delivery wagon where possible and by machine bucket if required.

6)      The concrete will be vibrated and levels constantly checked to ensure correct level attained.

7)      The Concrete will either be tamped or worked with a wood float to ensure a level surface.

8)      Post Pour Checks to be carried out to ensure line and level are within the contract tolerances.

For a method statement for using reinforced steel foundations and walls we have a professional 6 page method statement HERE

Foundation trench
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