Safe Work Method Statement for Site Establishment

When establishing a new building Site there are risks that need to be reduced as part of the setting up of the site.

The main tasks are as follows:-

  1. Confirm the location of the site office with the client and relevant local authorities.
  2. Ensure that the site entrance is situated where the maximum visibility for traffic on the road and leaving the site,Use of visibility splays where required.
  3. Site fencing, contract should state if hoarding or secure fencing is required.
  4. Location of site offices, staff parking, materials drop off and storage, temporary topsoil storage, plant and machinery parking, workshops if required and fuel storage areas clearly defined and agreed.


Safe work Related Signage
signs used on building sites
Item Risks Identified & Reducing Risk
Site Access & Gates The public if access not controlled.
Site Lighting Access points, walkways in the dark are a risk.
Perimeter Fence/Hoarding Hoarding blowing down in high winds, unauthorized sons accessing site via poor fencing.
Pedestrian/Vehicle Access Accidents if pedestrian and vehicle areas are not designated and signposted.
Vehicle Routes Delivery vehicles should not use same access as staff cars.
Pedestrian Barriers Persons at risk if no barrier between vehicles and pedestrian routes.
Signs/Speed Limits Site speed and location signs needed.
Parking Areas Site Staff/Visitors Vehicles risk by delivery Vehicles, Plant
Material Delivery/Storage Injury to Persons, designated areas only.
Housekeeping (Site) Litter/Trip Hazards Including material on pedestrian areas.
Waste Skips/Segregation Food Waste (Rats) If closed skip not used.  Injury by sharp waste, timber for example to be de-nailed before adding to designated timber skips.
Fuel Storage Fuel storage leaks/fire contamination of the ground/water courses, all fuel storage to be in specific bunded fuel storage tanks. Spill kits required and persons trained on using them.
Welfare & Washing Facilities Drinking water contamination, poor toilet facilities, insufficient toilets and overuse. Alleviate by using mains water or designated drinking water tanks. Toilets to mains sewers or sealed tanks pumped and cleaned by professionals at regular intervals.Emergency shower to be available.
Power Shock, fire, Connection of site offices to mains or generator by professional electricians only.
Secure Stores/security Theft of plant, surveying equipment, and tools, use very secure lockable storage units, survey kit to be locked inside secure area in offices.Security System & Guards should be used.

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