Method Statements for Construction

Method statements are used on practically all building and construction projects, In the UK and Ireland and many other countries these are a major part of the general health and safety requirements on all sites. If you are a sub contractor you will should submit these to the main contractor well in advance of your start date or you could find that if you have submitted any or if they are rejected you may not start your contract until you have submitted and had your method statements approved. Being prepared…

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Brick & Block Laying Safety Document Pack

To assist Brick and Block laying companies and individuals we have put together a professional set of Health & Safety Method Statements, Risk Assessments and COSHH Assessments, these are perfect for any sized company and are suitable for use in any country. This Brick and Block laying Pack has been put together with the following Very useful and often asked for Documents:- Method statement for brick and block work This example covers tools and equipment, steps to reduce risks, manpower as well as a general safe method of work. Risk…

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Method Statement for Shopfitting

This is an example of a shopfitting method statement:- Work Activity: Shopfitting Date:                                              Reference Number: Prepared by:                             Approved by: Objective: To complete shop fit out to drawings and specifications. Location: Insert location here Timescale: Insert dates here Welfare and First Aid: Welfare facilities are available in the work area? First aiders and first aid…

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Safe Setting out of Pipelines and Manholes

Safe Setting out of Pipelines and Manholes. Accurate extraction of pertinent setting out information from issued drawings Coordinates, Levels, Built in Items, References to Standard details checked. Notes on the drawings have been read and understood. Preparation for setting out Ensuring that Control stations and levelled benchmarks have been traversed and checked. Ensuring that the Instruments have been checked, levels are 2 peg tested and that they have current instrument calibration records. Checking that the proposed work area has been checked with a Cable Avoidance Tool. Its advisable to use…

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Hazard Control Measures

site rules for safety

Hazard Control Measures Hazards on building sites need to be controlled to reduce the risks of accidents and near misses. The Site Management should consider this to be a top priority, where large sites are concerned there should be a budget established during the tender stage to enable full time Health & Safety Staff to be employed not only to manage and establish control measures but to train ALL staff so that there is a full understanding of the site and the hazards as well as the measures in place…

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Accident and Incident Reporting

Accident and Incident Reporting   Determining the Root Cause   All accidents and incidents, including near misses, must be reported and investigated as soon as possible. There are essentially two (2) major reasons for this. These are:- 1. To determine the true and accurate circumstances which led up to and contributed to the event? 2. To prevent the event occurring again, potentially with even greater repercussions. The definition of an accident is an unplanned or undesired event that results in injury or illness to a person. This may also involve…

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Tips for Writing Method Statements & Risk Assessments

Tips for Writing  Method Statements & Risk Assessments:-  Write down all the steps for the works that you will be undertaking. At each step make a note of tools, equipment, Labour and materials you will need to complete each step. At each step think about any safety risks that are associated with the work activity, also consider if any chemicals or substances that you intend or are contracted to use are hazardous to health, consider less hazardous chemicals if possible. Items such as location, noise levels and the environment will…

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Method Statement for Erecting Timber Framed Houses

Building a timber framed house

This is a generic example of a typical erection sequence for timber framed house construction:- Example Sequence of Works:- Scaffolding to be erected around the outside of  three sides of the floor slabs, with access  maintained for the movement of the ground floor panels:- Ground floor panels to be delivered to site.  Delivery vehicle to be unloaded by mechanical means. All panels to be stored on a prepared hard standing of suitable size adjacent to the plots to be erected. Offloading to be supervised by a competent member of erection…

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Safe Work Method Statement for Site Establishment

Safe work Related Signage

When establishing a new building Site there are risks that need to be reduced as part of the setting up of the site. The main tasks are as follows:- Confirm the location of the site office with the client and relevant local authorities. Ensure that the site entrance is situated where the maximum visibility for traffic on the road and leaving the site,Use of visibility splays where required. Site fencing, contract should state if hoarding or secure fencing is required. Location of site offices, staff parking, materials drop off and…

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Method Statement for Block and Beam Flooring

Concrete block and beam floors

This example method statement for block and beam flooring contains  basic risk reduction and safe work method steps:- Reducing Risk:- Banksman Present during works No non-authorized persons allowed on site during lifting operations Propriety lifting devices used if available Slings to be checked and certified Trained operatives will only be allowed to carry out these operations Warning signs erected Personal Protective Equipment to be worn at all times. Manual handling to be adhered to.  Risk Assessments that are required:- Lifting Operations Manual handling Plant Movement  Safe Work Method of Works:-…

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Risk Assessment for Confined Spaces

Sewer access

A Confined Space is any space where due to being enclosed there are specified risks, these can be Manholes, Pipelines, Tanks etc. Carrying out a Risk Assessment for proposed works within a confined space is the only way to check all possible risks associated by the work and type of confined space and to establish controls to reduce those risks. The example below covers the basic risks and the controls required. Once the Risk Assessment has been completed it’s a good idea to write a safe work method statement and…

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Method Statements

Health and safety exec uk poster

Method Statements Being able to safely carry out any type of task in the workplace requires thought and planning. A  Method Statement should be written to provide a safe work method with attention to steps to reduce risk, the tools and equipment that should be used, the people who will be carrying out the work, supervision, welfare and first aid arrangements. Who should write the Method Statement? The most obvious person is the person that will be supervising the work, or written by a manager with the supervisors input as he…

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