Method Statement for Shopfitting

This is an example of a shopfitting method statement:-

Work Activity: Shopfitting

Date:                                              Reference Number:

Prepared by:                             Approved by:


To complete shop fit out to drawings and specifications.


Insert location here


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Welfare and First Aid:

Welfare facilities are available in the work area? First aiders and first aid box location to be confirmed.

Reducing Risk:

1.            All persons will be issued with PPE to the relevant British Standards.

2.            All work at height shall be performed using stable ladders/platforms.

3.            All electrical work by trained and qualified electrician to UK standards.

4.            All plumbing work by trained and qualified plumber to Corgi & Gas Safe standards.

5.            All manual handling loads to be assessed prior to lifting.

6.            All power tools to have proprietary guards fitted.

7.            All power tools to be connected to residual circuit breakers.

8.            All work to be under suitable management and supervision at all times.

9.            Noise and dust to be kept to a minimum.

10.          All power tools to have all proprietary guards fitted.

Health, Safety and Environmental Assessments:

RA001 Manual Handling

RA002 Slips Trips Falls and Fire Hazards

RA003 Working at Height

RA004 Working With Power Tools

Related Assessments:

Environmental or COSHH if Required


The works will be supervised by a Trained and experienced person.


All technical work will be carried out by trained staff; all labour will have suitable training for the tasks.


Insert number here

Plant / Equipment:

Hand Tools, Electrical power tools, ladders and platforms.

Work Method:

1.   The drawings will be collected and studied in detail prior to works being carried out.

2.  Any existing electrical services will be inspected by a trained and qualified electrician.

3. Any existing plumbing and drainage will be inspected by a trained and qualified plumber.

4. If power and lighting circuits ware to be installed, all work will be done by a qualified electrician to UK wiring regs. Complete lengths of cable will be used and joins only in designated junction boxes.

5. Partition walls will be constructed using timber/alum supports and plasterboard to the drawings supplied.

6. Joinery works will be completed in accordance with the supplied drawings and to the required specifications, the works will be carried out by competent persons.

7. Plumbing works will be carried out to Corgi and Gas safe persons only, care and attention will be observed at all times, soldering works will be carried out only by trained and competent persons, proprietary fire extinguishers will be available and near at hand during any hot works.

8. The plasterboard partition walls will be painted, Material Safety Data Sheets will be read and all materials to be used to avoid hazardous materials as much as possible, suitable ventilation will be used during painting works.

9. Any Brick or block work will be constructed to the issued drawings.

10. Any Glazing work to be carried out by appointed companies only.

11. Any Power/data points will be connected and checked by a qualified electrician.


Good housekeeping will be observed at all times, waste will be removed and continual checks will be carried out by the supervisor to ensure that there are no trip hazards etc., members of the public and others will be suitably warned to keep clear of the working areas.


Mobile phones will be available to summon help if required; the location of the nearest hospital will be listed and made part of the tool box talk.

This method statement will be the subject of a toolbox talk given to all personnel involved with the work activity.

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