Method Statement for Stonework

Scope of Works 

This example method statement covers the works involved in Block laying and Stonework facing to a steel framed building. It will also cover Health, Safety and Environmental measures.

Risk Assessment

The main hazards involved with these operations are summarised below along with their control measures:- 

  • Death or injury due to falls from heights- work at heights off scaffold erected by competent scaffolders.
  • Death or injury due to Objects falling from Height- Scaffold to have toe boards and brick guards and gate type loading bays
  • Injury due to Persons being in content with cement/lime- Goggles and gloves to be worn
  • Injury to Persons using Mechanical Disc Cutters-  Trained authorised persons only to use this equipment
  • Injury to persons using Cartridge tools- Trained authorised persons only to use this equipment.

Method of works 

Line and level will be established by the site engineer in accordance with the latest issued drawings. 

The Blockwork will be laid first followed by the stonework.

Work at heights will be from scaffold erected by qualified scaffolders only.  This scaffold will have purpose made loading bays suitable to take a pallet of blocks.  These will be lifted up using an all-terrain forklift operated by a qualified person.  Blocks are less than 20Kg each so no further manual handling assessment is necessary.  As far as practicable all lintels will be lifted in using a crane.  The crane will be operated by a fully trained operator and the load slung by a trained banksman.

Scaffolds will be kept as tidy as possible although the stone need to be spread out on the scaffolds to allow the masons to select a suitable stone to achieve the appearance required by the architect.

Wall ties brick reinforcement and fixings shot fired to the steelwork will be installed as necessary.  Operatives will be trained in the use of shot firing equipment by the manufacturer’s representative.

The mortar consists of cement and premixed sand & lime.  Gloves will be worn when in contact with this material.

When using disc cutters the appropriate PPE –goggles, dust masks and ear protection will be worn.

Stone and Blockwork
Stone and Blockwork