Method Statement for Drainage Work

This example Method statement shows the basic requirements for a method statement for installing drainage.


Installation, and connection of new 100mm drainage pipes to existing surface and foul manholes


A site somewhere.


(Add Programmed start and end for this phase of works)

Welfare and First Aid:

Add details, you must mention toilets and drinking water, First Aiders and First Aid Box

Reducing Risk

  • Banksman Present during works
  • No un-authorized persons allowed on site during excavations
  • Area Inspected before works commence daily, and at suitable intervals during the day.
  • Excavations fenced off and end of the day.
  • Excavated material to be kept a minimum of 1.5m away from excavation.
  • Warning signs
  • PPE to be worn at all times.


Health, Safety and Environmental Assessments:

N/A Ground Investigation Clear (assumes trials holes and local authority drawings checked)

Related Assessments:

RA003 Excavations

RA001 Plant


(Add supervisor)


Add CSCS details or required competence in your country.


Add all Labour for this phase

Plant / Equipment:

13 Ton tracked Excavator

3 Ton Forward Tipping Dumper

Drag Box and manhole box.

Surveying Equipment/Pipe laser.

Work Method:

  • The new drain positions will be set out by competent person.
  • Levels of existing connection points will be checked (if required)
  • A trench will be excavated alone the line of the new pipe, level control by pipe laser or manual level.
  • Access into the excavation and pipe joining only within the drag box (no persons allowed in trench when drag box is pulled to next location.
  • Pipes will be installed as per the design specification for example ( concrete surround and back-filling with as dug material).
  • Air testing will be carried out prior to back-filling to ensure pipes are installed correctly and sealed in accordance with manufacturers guidelines.
  • New manholes will be constructed where required, and steps will be taken to avoid any disruption of existing flows if connections are made to existing services.
  • As built information including location and invert/cover levels recorded.


A mobile phone will be available at all times to summon emergency services, the site supervision staff will be advised of the nearest hospital. A First aid box, with eyewash liquid will be kept on site.

This method statement will be the subject of a toolbox talk given to all personnel involved with the work activity.

Excavating to lay drainage pipe
Drag box inside trench

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