Method Statement for Block and Beam Flooring

This example method statement for block and beam flooring contains  basic risk reduction and safe work method steps:-

Reducing Risk:-

  • Banksman Present during works
  • No non-authorized persons allowed on site during lifting operations
  • Propriety lifting devices used if available
  • Slings to be checked and certified
  • Trained operatives will only be allowed to carry out these operations
  • Warning signs erected
  • Personal Protective Equipment to be worn at all times.
  • Manual handling to be adhered to.

 Risk Assessments that are required:-

  1. Lifting Operations
  2. Manual handling
  3. Plant Movement

 Safe Work Method of Works:-

  1. The walls that will receive the beams will be checked for dimension/levels by a competent person.
  2. The beams will be placed in a suitable area when delivered to the site to enable a short or zero distance to transport beams on site.
  3. Each beam will be laid in accordance with the design and manufactures installation guide.
  4. Line and level of each beam to be checked as positioned.
  5. Blocks will installed at each end of beams to check fitting of blocks is as per spec.
  6. If available a propriety lifting device will be used, if not a certified sling/s will be used, this sling is to be checked frequently by trained staff.
  7. Only a trained slinger will attach and detach beams from the lifting device.
  8. The beans will be laid in sequence to allow check blocks to be added to confirm item 5.
  9. One beams have been laid blocks will be inserted as per the specification, care and attention to ensure no cracked or damaged blocks are used.
  10. Once blocks are in place the screed  will be laid according to project design details.
Concrete block and beam floors
Installation of block and beam flooring – © Robin Horwood |


Some Manual Handling Risks and Steps that should be taken to reduce these risks :-

ActivityWhat is the Hazard? Harm:-Who or what? What are you already doing?
Back  and other Injury Workers No persons to attempt to lift and carry any heavy/outsize item without seeking help.Toolbox talks and training to be provided.
Assess all routes where items are carried for obstacles or obstructions.


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