Wall and Floor Tiling Method Statement

Description of Works:

(Main objective)

To prepare surfaces and lay wall and floor tiles to contract requirements


Associated Health, Safety and Environmental Assessments:-

(Risk Assessments, COSHH Assessments etc.)

Manual Handling

Product Safety Data Sheets

COSHH Assessments Where required

Steps that can be taken to reduce risks:-

  • Use of Mechanical means where possible.
  • Use and continual use of PPE.
  • Good housekeeping practices.
  • Continual inspection of plant and tools.

Contract Supervision & Training:-

(Supervisor/s and Current Certification/training)

Supervisor is qualified as a tiler.


2 persons, one tiler one trainee

Plant, Tools & Equipment:-

Hand Tools

110v Table tile saw

Mechanical tile cutter

Welfare Facilities:

(Toilets, Washing Facilities & Drinking Water)

First Aid Facilities:

(First Aider, Location of First Aid Box)


Work Method

(Key steps & stages of the work required)

Floor Tile Installation:-

Unload of tiles by mechanical means and stored. Each tile shall be loaded into trolley and transported to area to be laid.

To unload place and lay tiles by hand into position over neatly cement screed on lines set out before the tiling commences.

To tap the files firmly with a rubber mallet to neatly level fresh cement screed.

All joint in floor tiles shall be truly aligned and even. Grout shall be worked well into joints so that they are completely filled. All joints shall be used plastic spacer 2 – 3 mm.

To ensure no traffic on flooring within 48 hours after completion to allow bedding and jointing to have completely set.

Tiles with any chips, cracks or otherwise defective shall not be used for the work.


Wall Tile Installation


Identify and mark the wall file finishes level from the design drawings.

Move the required tiles, ordinary Portland cement and adhesive cement to the designated work area. Mix the cement and adhesive cement thoroughly with clean water.

Apply the mortar to the back of tile and tap in into place at the required level position to the wall.

Affix the remaining tiles ensuring a 2-3 mm spacer is used between tiles and wipe away the excessive slurry mortar that seeps out from the joint.

Allow a few hours for the tiles to set. (Overnight is preferable)

Fill the wall tile joints with approved colour grout.

Site inspection of complete wall area shall be undertaken with client or client’s representative and any defect rectified.

Once all work is complete the area will be cleaned and all waste removed to designated waste disposal areas.


man tiling a wall
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