Method Statement for Material Crushing

Method Statement for Crushing Rock or Demolition Material


Scope of Works. 

Method Statement for the crushing of rock and or demolition material on site using a dedicated material crusher

This document is to be read in conjunction with all operating procedures supplied by the manufacturer/supplier

These will apply to the operation of crushers supplied by any other company.

All Crusher operatives will be fully briefed on this method statement.

Risk Assessment 

The main risks involved with these operations are summarised below:-

  1. Operators being crushed by becoming trapped in moving machinery
  2. Operators becoming trapped in crusher jaws when dealing with blockages
  3. Damage to hearing
  4. Pollution of water courses by fuel oils.


The crusher will be delivered to site and set up adjacent to the stockpile.

The operator will ensure that all guards are in place prior to starting crushing.

Only authorised personnel will go near or on the crusher. Authorised personnel being the crusher operator and fitters from the crusher owner.

A 3600 Excavator will load the rock into the hopper of the crusher. The crushed material produced will be loaded onto dump trucks by a 3600 Excavator and either stockpiled or used immediately on site for roads or hardstanding.

Any blockages in the feed hopper will be cleared by an excavator equipped with a breaker.

This excavator will working on the material stockpile, breaking down the material to a size suitable for crushing and so will be readily available.

The method of unblocking the crusher by lifting out the rock using slings and an excavator will only be employed if the breaker is not available.

All operatives will wear the appropriate PPE including hard hats, high visibility clothing, Gloves, ear defenders and safety goggles.

Under no circumstances will any guard be removed from the crusher except when fully it is fully shut down and isolated to allow a fitter access for maintenance or repairs.


Environmental Measures 

The crusher is powered by an integral diesel engine and so care must be taken when refuelling to prevent spillages.  These must be cleaned up immediately.

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ID 32367504 © Joruba |