Health & Safety Documents For A New Site

When Establishing a New Site, There are a number of forms and documents needed, these can include:-

Form F10 – (Available here

Client/Planning Supervisor Information Sheet

The health and safety file (notifiable projects only) The Contents Should Include:-

  • A brief description of the work carried out;
  • Any residual hazards which remain and how they have been dealt with (for example surveys or other information concerning asbestos; contaminated land; water bearing strata; buried services etc.);
  • Key structural principles (for example, bracing, sources of substantial stored energy – including pre- or post-tensioned members) and safe working loads for floors and roofs, particularly where these may preclude placing scaffolding or heavy machinery there;
  • Hazardous materials used (for example lead paint; pesticides; special coatings which should not be burnt off etc.);
  • Information regarding the removal or dismantling of installed plant and equipment (for example any special arrangements for lifting, order or other special instructions for dismantling etc.);
  • Health and safety information about equipment provided for cleaning or maintaining the structure;
  • The nature, location and markings of significant services, including underground cables; gas supply equipment; fire-fighting services etc.; information and as-built drawings of the structure, its plant and equipment (for example, the means of safe access to and from service voids, fire doors and compartmentalisation etc.).

Employers Liability Insurance Certificate    (You must display your certificate of employers’ liability insurance where your employees can see it)

Health and Safety Policy

Environmental Policy

ISO 14001 Certificate

OHSAS 18001 Certificate

Lifting Equipment Colour Code Chart

Health and Safety At Work Act Poster

Health and safety exec uk poster
1974 Work Act New Poster

Other Health & Safety/ Environmental Posters

Site Emergency Contact Sheet

Plan of Site Offices with Staff Names & Fire Extinguisher locations and Fire Assembly Points

Plan and Directions of Nearest A&E Hospital

Management Structure Sheet

Training Competency Sheet (Names of Competent Persons, such as confined space trained, new roads and street works act  trained etc.)

Site Staff Training Requirements Sheet

Project Documents and Procedures, for example drawing register.

Accident Book

Nominated Refuellers and Nominated Spill Response Persons

Abrasive Wheels Register

Method Statement, Risk Assessment, COSHH Assessment Files.