Method Statements for Construction

Method statements are used on practically all building and construction projects, In the UK and Ireland and many other countries these are a major part of the general health and safety requirements on all sites.

If you are a sub contractor you will should submit these to the main contractor well in advance of your start date or you could find that if you have submitted any or if they are rejected you may not start your contract until you have submitted and had your method statements approved.

Being prepared is the key, having a set of method statements related to the type of work you do is a must, in most cases you can have a set of generic documents that you simply edit with the site related information and with the work sequences etc edited to conform with how you will actually be doing the work.

Our dedicated health and safety document website has a large number of building and construction related method statements (a number of these are free) that you will find useful as well as our popular builders mega pack

These method statements, risk assessments etc are available in MS Word ™ and are instantly available to download and cover drainage, foundations, brick and blockwork and many more.