Tips for Writing Method Statements & Risk Assessments

Tips for Writing  Method Statements & Risk Assessments:- 

  • Write down all the steps for the works that you will be undertaking.
  • At each step make a note of tools, equipment, Labour and materials you will need to complete each step.
  • At each step think about any safety risks that are associated with the work activity, also consider if any chemicals or substances that you intend or are contracted to use are hazardous to health, consider less hazardous chemicals if possible.
  • Items such as location, noise levels and the environment will all need to be considered when compiling a Risk Assessment.
  • Think about not only the work team, but members of the public and other workers on site when analysing the risks associated with the task.
  • Note any signage that you may require, include permits to work if these are required.
  • Remember that in most cases your method statement will be the agenda for a tool box talk, or briefing to the workers and other people involved in the project. Bear in mind that you may need to describe the work steps to poorly educated team members. So keep it simple but include all the required steps needed to perform the tasks.
  • Involve the person supervising the work in the preparation of your documents. He or she will normally be able to describe the required steps of the task, and the required materials and equipment.

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  1. Paschal o Grady

    HI working as safety officer in switerland
    find your site very good
    Any tips on how to deal with 5 different

    1. safetyadmin

      Thanks for the support, Working with labour with different languages has proven to be risky where safety is concerned, I always used to ensure that there was a bilingual supervisor for each language group.

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