Visiting Contractors Safety

 Visiting Contractors

Companies shall induct all contractors in the following relevant safety and communication issues in the workplace:

  1. Introduction to the organisational structure of the company.
  2. Introduction to any occupational health and safety personnel working for the company.
  3. Presentation, explanation and discussion of the occupational health and safety policy for the company.
  4. Information on the Occupational Health and Safety Committee (if applicable) for the company, who the representatives are and how they can be contacted.
  5. Familiarisation with the safety rules for the site, as well as for the department they will be working in (where practicable).
  6. Emergency procedures for the company, including first aid, emergency muster points, fire safety and any other relevant information.
  7. Information on the reporting requirements for accidents, incidents and near misses within the company, along with associated documentation procedures.
  8. Information on the reporting system for hazards within the company such as risk assessments and safe work method statements..
  9. Introduction to safe work practices within the company.
  10. Information on security requirements for the company.
  11. Ensuring they have access to the correct personal protective equipment.
  12. Information on any other special safety requirements of the company (e.g. infection control, hazardous substances, etc.).
  13. Discussion of the specific hazards of the work they will be conducting.


Contractors Responsibilities

Responsible for:


  1. Ensuring their safety plan and safe work method statements for the work to be undertaken are lodged with the company before the commencement of any work, and complied with throughout the duration of the assignment.
  2. Adhering to the safe work practices and any other health and safety requirements of the company.
  3. Ensuring they comply with all relevant occupational health and safety legislation and regulations.
  4. The immediate provision of information regarding any accident, incident or dangerous occurrence they become aware of during their assignment to the company.
  5. Providing safe tools, equipment, training and occupational health and safety policy and plans for its employees.
  6. Implementing occupational health and safety policy and  plans that ensure the safety of  people other than their own employees, including employees, visitors to the workplace and other contractors of the company.
  7. Performing all work activities in accordance with occupational health and safety legislation, standards and criteria as agreed to by the company.