Job Checklist

Job Checklist     

Questions to ask the General Operatives:-

1.            Have you received a full site induction? (Induction Sticker on helmet should be used)

2.            Are you aware of risks/hazards associated with this work? (Are they suitably trained?)

3.            Have you received a copy of the method statement for this operation? (Ensure copy issued)

4.            Have you been issued any protective clothing and equipment for this work?

5.            Who is your Foreman/Supervisor on this site?

6.            Do you any formal safety related training and certification? (Data should be in the site manpower file along with copies of certificates.)

7.          Do you have any safety or other concerns related to this task?

8.          Do you know what a near miss is? and the reporting procedure for a near miss? (Discuss the need to report near misses and that these reports can be confidential)

9.            Does site management do all they can to ensure that site safety is a priority?

Questions to ask the site supervisor/ Site Management:-

14.          Has a safe work method statement been received and approved for this operation?

15.          Is the Site /Job Supervisor been made familiar with the method statement?

16.          Is there risk assessment for this task? (Check and confirm that the task has been assessed)

In addition to the safety related questions the tools and equipment needed for the task must be discussed and the correct equipment is available on site. The same questions related to materials should be discussed at the same time.

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