Method Statement for Materials Delivery

Description of Works:

(Main objective)

To safely receive and store materials required for the project without damage to the existing structures/services and without injury to persons.

Expected Start and End Dates:

Associated Health, Safety and Environmental Assessments:-

(Risk Assessments, COSHH Assessments etc.)

Manual Handling Risk Assessment

Reducing  Risk

Steps that can be taken to reduce risks associated with this task/s

  •       The Site storage area and compound will be fully secured
  •       Sign boards will be erected where required.
  •       Banksman to be used at all times.
  •       High visibility clothing to be worn at all times.
  •       Deliveries to be planned and coordinated.


(Number of persons)(If Required List All Labour and their trades)

Plant, Tools & Equipment:-

(List all) Chemicals:-

(Ensure COSHH completed if reqd.)

Welfare Facilities:

(Toilets, Washing Facilities & Drinking Water)

First Aid Facilities:

(First Aider, Location of First Aid Box)

Work Method

(Key steps & stages of the work required)

  • Storage space for materials has been pre designated and is prepared for materials (such as hard standing, fencing, shelters constructed.
  • The site deliveries are to be sequenced and use of a site works programme, as well as known lead in delivery times to ensure that material quantities on site are minimised.
  • A banksman will be on hand to intercept and guide large delivery vehicles, and to ensure that existing structures are not damaged and that persons are warned of vehicle movements.
  • Forklifts will be under the supervision of the banksman, forklifts are to have reverse warning signals and flashing lights. If a crane is to be used to unload materials then communication between the driver, the rigger and the banksman will be established, this can be visual using hand signals and or two way radios.
  • Manual handling of materials by trained persons only, heavy items MUST be assessed to determine the safest way of moving them.
  • High Visibility clothing must be worn at all times.

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