Brick and Blockwork Pack

In general brick and blockwork method statements and risk assessments will contain the following information:-

  1. All drawings will be studied and understood before works commence. (test walls if required for architects approval)
  2. Lines and levels to be set out by competent person. (Datum’s marked where possible)
  3. Materials will be stacked as close as possible to the working area.
  4. Brick and block work, wall ties, damp proof membranes, cavity details will be in accordance with Architectural and/or engineers drawings.
  5. Bricks, Blocks and Mortar will be supplied to the Bricklayers by experienced workers (hod carriers) the materials will be positioned in a manner to reduce the manual handling requirements.
  6. Mortar will be used in accordance with the design specification.
  7. Mortar will be mixed on site and measured to ensure consistency.
  8. Trestles and boards will be used where required for as short a term as possible, these will be checked before, during and after use.
  9. A telescopic forklift (If Available or required) vehicle will be used to transport and place materials onto loading platforms. (These will be constructed by others and will be trained scaffolders)
  10. Line and level will be continually checked during works.
  11. All surplus/broken materials will be removed from the working areas to ensure continual housekeeping as part of our safe systems of work.

The Risk factors are manual handling, cutting tools, Cement mixer operation as well as COSHH for cement and silica sand.

We have compiled a special Brick and Blocklaying pack of a Method statement, risk assessments and coshh, We have also included a set of blank documents for you to complete if required.

The Pack is available here and currently on a special offer price.