Risk Assessment for Using A Cement Mixer

One of the most common jobs on any building site is mixing cement in a cement mixer, this task is normally carried out by unskilled persons

and there are risks that should be addressed by ensuring that all operators are fully trained and supervised.

The general risks are:-

ActivityWhat is the Hazard?Harm:-Who or what?What are you already doing?
Mixer Falling over when in operation.Operator/nearby personsEnsure that Mixer is set on stable level ground, and wheels are braced.
Injury from moving partsOperatorEnsure that ALL machine guards are in place.Ensure that hands and arms are kept out of the mixer at all times.Turn the mixer off before cleaning the inside.
Electric ShockOperatorAll equip is 110V and is also fitted with RCD.
DustOperator/nearby personsFull PPE usedAnd direction of wind checked to avoid dust blowing onto persons etc.
Exposure to cement productsOperator/nearby personsPPE and due care and attention.Barrier and after work creams used.COSHH Assessment **












Cement Mixer
Image showing a cement mixer with sand and cement




** Example COSHH (Chemicals or Substances Hazardous to Health) assessments for standard cement and silica dust are on our COSHH page.

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