Forward and Rear Tipping Dumpers

There are risks involved when operating dumpers on site, The basic steps that need to be taken to reduce these are:-

Operators to be trained and Certified (No person to operate dumpers without permission)

Machines to be inspected and maintained regularly and be inspected by drivers before use, if required a PUWER or equivalent log must be kept.

Any Faults are to be reported and the dumper should not be used until repaired.

Site and speed limits must be observed at all times and seatbelt to be worn at all times.

Operators must wear high visibility clothing and a flashing strobe light is to be on at all times, in addition a fully functional reverse alarm is used.


No passengers are to be on the Dumpers unless designed to carry them.

Operators to check crush zones visually when operating a rear tipping dumper.

Stop blocks are in place when tipping, operators are to check these before tipping operations.

Operator to dismount when being loaded and be visible to the loader operator at all times.

The dumper is not to be overloaded.

Forward tipping dumpers are to not be over filled as to impair the operators vision in front of the dumper.

Forward tipping dumper