Lifting Accessories

Some general risk reduction measures that should be taken when slinging loads.

All Lifting equipment should be checked and an Inspection Record kept.

Risk Reduction can be achieved by:-

  • Slinger/Signaler must assess all loads for size, shape, weight, and the Centre of Gravity
  • The correct lifting tackle must be selected to match the load type and size.
  • Ensure all lifting accessories are clearly identifiable with the SWL (safe working load) clearly marked and if required colour coded.
  • All accessories must have a current thorough examination certificate and copies held on site.
  • All accessories must be inspected before use; any damaged items to be taken out of service and removed.
  • Accessories must be securely attached and the SWL must not be exceeded, the lifting vehicle, crane or excavator for example to have the SWL clearly marked.
  • Only trained and competent persons to sling and unsling all loads
  • Chains and ropes must not have joints or knots, and under no circumstances should equipment not made for the purpose used.
  • All lifts under constant supervision and control of qualified Slinger/Signaler who should wear a colored HI-Vis vest or jacket that clearly identifies him.
Lifting Hook
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