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Demolition Hazards

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Hazards PLAN ahead to get the job done safely Proper planning is essential to ensure a demolition operation is conducted…

Managing Non-Compliance

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Managing Non Compliance Each company should have a non compliance policy and procedures system, Below is an example that covers…

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Accident or Incident Investigation

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All accidents, incidents and near misses must be investigated, This checklist is a useful tool to aid investigations. Checklist for…

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Demolition Risks

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The UK Health & Safety Executive states that any demolition or structural alterations and removals must be carefully planned and…

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What is a near miss?

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A near miss is where an accident could have occurred or an unsafe work area or persons working or acting…

Reinforced concrete formwork

Steel Reinforcement and Formwork

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Fixing Reinforcement  ( A 6 page method statement is available HERE) Engineers will set out the main outline of the…

Brick and Blockwork Pack

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In general brick and blockwork method statements and risk assessments will contain the following information:- All drawings will be studied…

House builders safety docs

Small Building Works Safety Documents

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When undertaking  small building works such as a new house or larger extension Method statements and Risk Assessments are essential….

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Crushing Demolition Material

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On site crushing and screening of demolition materials is now a common practice, This material is often used as fill…

Lifting Hook

Lifting Accessories

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Some general risk reduction measures that should be taken when slinging loads. All Lifting equipment should be checked and an…

young worker

Employing young people at work

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The UK HSE states that a young person is anyone under the age of 18 and under the Management of…

work stress

Workplace Stress

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Causes of workplace stress  The predominant cause of work related stress from a UK Labour Force Survey was workload (tight deadlines, too…