Brick and Blockwork Document Pack

Our “Brick and Blockwork pack” is an essential collection of Microsoft Word documents written by a Registered Chartered Engineer with over 30 years of experience. These documents are designed to ensure the safe and efficient completion of bricklaying and blockwork projects.

The pack includes a comprehensive Method Statement for bricklaying and blockwork, which outlines the correct procedures and best practices for this type of construction work. It covers everything from site preparation to the final stages of the project, including the use of equipment and materials.

In addition, the pack also contains Risk Assessments for various aspects of bricklaying and blockwork, such as working with cement mixers, manual handling, work at height, abrasive wheels (cutting and grinding), and slips, trips and falls. These assessments identify potential hazards and provide recommendations for mitigating risks to ensure the safety of workers on site.

The COSHH Assessments for Silica Sand and Cement OPC (Ordinary Portland Cement) are also included in the pack. These assessments provide guidance on the safe handling and storage of these materials to prevent any adverse health effects on workers.

To further assist in the preparation of safe work practices, the pack also includes a Blank Method Statement Template and a Blank Risk Assessment Template. These templates can be easily adapted to suit any specific project requirements.

Overall, the “Brick and Blockwork pack” is a valuable resource for any construction project involving bricklaying and blockwork. Its practical and technical approach will help to ensure that projects are completed safely and efficiently, while complying with industry standards and regulations.

  1. Method statement for bricklaying and blockwork
  2. Risk Assessment for bricklaying and blockwork
  3. Risk Assessment for Working With Cement Mixers
  4. Risk Assessment for Manual Handling 
  5. Risk Assessment for Work at Height 
  6. Risk Assessment for Abrasive Wheels (cutting & grinding) 
  7. Risk Assessment for slips, trips and falls
  8. COSHH Assessment for Silica Sand
  9. COSHH Assessment for Cement OPC (Ordinary Portland Cement)
  10. Blank Method Statement Template
  11. Blank Risk Assessment Template

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An example Method Statement is available to read HERE