Positive Performance Indicators


Positive Performance Indicators

Companies should introduce and maintain a system of positive reporting indicators. The following items could be reported to management and if applicable a safety committee on a monthly basis:

1. Attendance at safety toolbox meetings
2. Attendance at safety training sessions
3. Number of risk assessments undertaken in a month
4. Percentage of employees trained in a safe working practice document
5. Number and frequency of safety audits since introduction of the safety management plan
6. Number of safe working procedures developed since inception
7. Number of reviews undertaken of the system and procedures
8. Sick leave absences
9. Histories of exposures to hazardous substances
10. Medical records
11. Rehabilitation information
12. Workers compensation records, and performance appraisals and training records.


Auditing of a Safety Plan

The safety management plan of the company shall be subject to regular and ongoing reviews of progress, relevance and compliance.

Audits of the safety management plan shall be conducted in accordance with the internal quality assurance auditing system of the company

Reports from each audit will be tabled and presented at the management team meeting and at the Occupational Health and Safety Committee meeting for the company

Employee Information

Occupational health and safety information shall be regularly communicated to all employees of the company, in the following ways:

1. Through the Occupational Health and Safety Committee
2. Through the supervisors in the workplace
3. By copies of monthly safety statistics being displayed in all work areas
4. At safety toolbox meetings, and
5. At any other forum, or when the need arises.

Reward and Recognition

Its a good idea to reward excellence in occupational health and safety performance, achievements or innovations.

Every supervisor will submit their team’s achievements in health and safety to the Occupational Health and Safety Committee each month.

The Occupational Health and Safety Committee will determine the group or groups most deserving of recognition and arrange for a small celebration to be held within the following month.

Some examples could be pizza’s at the end of the week, group/s success published in a company newsletter.

Alternatively, the company can present a donation of an equal value to the cost of the celebration, in the name of the work group, to a charity of their choice.

This information has been extracted from our 200 plus page Health and Safety Manual and is available Here 

More information and the contents of our manual are in this article