Health & Safety Manual

Having a company health and safety manual is advisable, whether a new company or existing company a manual will be very useful to help manage your health and safety.

What should your manual contain? Typically the general contents include the organisation structure and persons responsible for the various aspect of health and safety within the company, management of risks and reporting. Obviously a smaller company will not require a full manual but should add sections when required. Our full manual contains:- ( Our 200+ page manual is available HERE at a reduced price)

Table of Contents

Introduction to OHS System

1.0 Title Page

1.1 Scope

1.2 Purpose

1.3 Review

1.4 Document Control

2.2 Organisational Structure

2.3 Assigning Responsibilities for OHS

2.4 Management Liaison Representatives

2.5 OHS Legislation

Management of Risk in Workplace

3.1 General

3.2 Controlling Workplace Access

3.3 Staff Identification

3.4 Risk Identification

3.5 Assessment Control

3.6 Risk Control

3.7 Safe Work Practices

3.8 Isolation

3.9 Danger Tags

3.10 Hazardous Substances

COSHH Assessment Example

Accident and Incident Reporting

4.1 Determining the Root Cause

4.2 Checklist for Investigations

4.3 Accident/Incident/Near Miss Notification Form

4.4 Reporting to Statutory Authorities

4.5 Accident Response Flow Chart

4.6 Review of Corrective Actions

Emergency Procedures

5.1 Emergency Planning

5.2 Evacuation Procedures

5.3 Post Evacuation Assembly Points

5.4 Roles and Responsibilities

5.5 Fire Fighting Equipment

5.6 First Aid

5.7 Liaising with Emergency Services

5.8 Testing of the Plan

OHS Consultative Process

6.1 Demonstration of Management Commitment

6.2 The OH & S Committee

6.3 The OHS Committee Constitution

6.4 Membership of the OHS Committee

6.5 Safety Meetings

6.6 Safety Promotion

General Safety Policies

7.1 Golden Rules for OH & S

7.2 Managing Non Compliance

7.3 Personal Protective Equipment

7.4 Plant and Equipment

7.5 Housekeeping

7.6 Smoke Free Workplace

7.7 Waste Management

Safety Performance Monitoring

8.1 Statistics – Reporting and Recording

8.2 Positive Performance Indicators

8.3 Auditing of the Safety Plan

8.4 Employee Information

8.5 Reward and Recognition

9.1 Employee Induction

9.2 Contents of an Induction Program

9.3 Visiting Contractors

9.4 Induction for Others

9.5 Licensing Verification and Recording

9.6 Competency Checking and Recording

9.7 OHS Training for Managers

9.8 OHS Training for Employees


Safety Inspections

10.1 Safety Inspections

10.2 Safety Inspection Checklist

10.3 How to Act on an Inspection

10.4 Employee Involvement

11.1 Preparing a Safe System of Work Document & Example Method Statement (All Countries)

11.2 Risk Control Schedule

11.3 Reviewing Documents and Schedules

11.4 Record Keeping

Safety in the Office

12.1 Ergonomics and Office Safety

12.2 Working Space

12.3 Modifications to Work Environment

12.4 Visibility

12.5 Occupational Overuse Syndrome

12.6 Mobility

12.7 Kitchen Appliances

12.8 Kitchen Fire Safety

12.9 Electricity and the Kitchen


Our 200+ page manual is available HERE at a reduced price