Basic Method Statement Kerbs and Gully Construction

Check that the issued construction drawing is the latest revision.


1.    Engineer to set out Kerb lines, gully and manhole positions.

2.    Kerb pans to be set up and concreted in accordance with the design spec.

3.    String lines to be tied to the kerb pins at the required height and a visual check carried out. 

4.    Kerbs to be laid out prior to laying.  

5.    A mechanical kerb lifter should be used, if not manual handling techniques to be used by the kerb layers. 

6.    Kerbs to be haunched in accordance with the design spec.


Manholes & Gullies

1.    Manholes to be excavated and constructed in accordance with the design specification. Engineer to set out lines/pipe laser.

2.    Gully pots are to be installed with a string line established on the kerb line to ensure correct position and height.

3.    Pipelines to be air tested prior to backfilling.

4.    Backfilling in accordance with the specification.

5.    Brick work to gullies and manholes in accordance with the design spec, the Site Engineer to set out and check manhole and gully cover levels.

6.    Ducts to be installed and draw ropes to be tied off.