Crushing Demolition Material

On site crushing and screening of demolition materials is now a common practice, This material is often used as fill etc for new construction and reduces material and transport costs.

The crusher equipment should be hired/purchased from a reliable source and must be fully inspected before use by a competant engineer.

The crusher equipment should be placed in a suitable location on a compacted stable surface with safe zones established for the equipment that will be feeding the machine as well as the material that will be screened such as rebar.

Dust suppression is a vital part of the crushing works and a suitable constant supply of water must be available prior to any crushing works commencing, the operators should be supplied with the correct PPE as well as full training.

The crusher equipment is to be inspected before use and at the end of the day, silica materials are very abrasive and a competant person should inspect the equipment for damage and wear and tear at regular intervals and these should be recorded and kept on file.

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