New Road Construction Safety

New road construction has risks and therefore the various phases of the work do require method statements and risk assessments.

The basic phase for new road construction are:-

Setting out of the new road

  • Dimensional control, traversing and checking supplied control stations and a full closed level traverse.
  • Setting out offset profiles and batter boards.
  • Setting out of kerb lines and levels, manholes, gullies and ducting for street  lighting.
  • Checking stone fill levels are in accordance with the design specification.
  • As built survey once the road is complete.

Risks:- Existing services (above and below ground), plant movement, manual handling.

Excavations and Fill

  • Topsoil strip and storage piles
  • Excavation of the roadway & safe handling of the spoil.
  • Geotextiles and stone fill Compaction.
  • Drainage work
  • Preparation for tarmac or concrete works

Risks:- Existing Services (above and below ground) , plant movement, excavations, manual handling, and control of dust.

Drainage, kerbs, Gullies and ducting

  • Setting out lines and levels
  • Excavations, trench backfilling, kerb rafts and kerb installation.
  • Gully pot installation.
  • Duct excavation, duct pipes and draw ropes, backfilling.

Risks:- Excavations, trench collapse, plant movement, manual handling, working with cement mixers.

Our sister site has created a Roadwork Civils pack of document examples containing method statements and risk assessments that are ideal for this type of work, they are in MS Word format and can be quickly edited with site information and site related risks where required. The full pack contains:-

  1. Method Statement for setting out roadworks
  2. Method Statement for excavation and fill of new roadwork
  3. Method Statement for Drainage works
  4. Method Statement for Kerbs, Gullies and Manholes
  5. Method Statement for the Control of Dust
  6. Risk Assessment for Buried and Overhead Services
  7. Risk Assessment for Manual Handling
  8. Risk Assessment for Cement Mixer use
  9. Risk Assessment for Mech. Excavators

and blank method statement and risk assessment templates.

The pack is available with instant download HERE