Health and Safety Training

Health and Safety Training in the workplace of all staff should be carried out on all sites. The following checklist is a useful guide to determine your company safety training needs.

Safety training, instruction and supervision checklist:-

Have all groups and individuals requiring training been identified?

Have specific training needs of groups/individuals been determined?

Have the following core subjects been included in topics to be covered in training:

Legal duties of relevant parties (employers; managers and supervisors; owners; employees; Health & Safety representatives; Health & Safety committees and officers; designers, manufacturers, importers and suppliers of plant and substances and installers and erectors of plant)?

  • Consultation and employee involvement?
  • Risk management?
  • The workplace Health & Safety program?
  • Safe work practices?
  • Emergency procedures?
  • Record keeping?

Is induction training provided to all employees on general hazards and safety rules of the workplace? In addition, is job-specific training provided on specific hazards, safety rules, and practices related to specific work assignments?

Have course materials been developed addressing the specific needs of the groups/individuals to be trained?

Have appropriate training techniques been selected, taking into consideration the:

  • Depth of information to be conveyed?
  • Skills and experience of the target group (including language, literacy and technical skills)?
  • Skills and experience of the trainer(s)?
  • Time allotted?
  • Resources available?

Are any of the following training aids available?

  • Photographs/slides of processes and associated hazards in the workplace?
  • Occupational health and safety videos?
  • Sound recordings from the workplace?
  • Portable plant items or parts of plant to demonstrate hazards?
  • Samples of hazardous substances or materials?
  • Flowcharts for risk management?
  • Overheads of accident statistics?
  • Copies of Health & Safety program records, such as plant register forms, hazard identification checklists, risk assessment forms and risk control records?
  • A summary of the legislative requirements?
  • Have employees been evaluated or tested to ensure that they understand and can apply what they have been taught? (Tests can be oral, performance-based or written, formal or informal.)
  • Are test results on file?
  • Is additional training and testing carried out if a person does not pass any test given?
  • Has provision been made to follow up on any deficiencies found in training?
  • Have all training activities been documented (date of training, content, who was trained)?
  • Are training records kept on file?
  • Is refresher training provided regularly?
  • Is training updated on a regular basis to ensure that it covers the equipment, materials and processes that are currently being used in the workplace?
  • Is there a procedure in place to monitor and enforce compliance with health and safety training given to workers?

Part of our Health and Safety Management Manual, Available HERE

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