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A Registered Chartered Building Engineer boasting an impressive track record of over three decades Managing construction projects across the African and European continents. Managing multi-million pound projects, ensuring their seamless execution from inception to completion. Our author's expertise extends to the critical area of health and safety. His meticulous attention to detail and profound understanding of safety procedures has played a pivotal role in the successful delivery of projects, much to the satisfaction of his clients. Regarded as a bona fide authority in his field, our author's insights are in high demand. He generously imparts his wealth of knowledge to others, regularly contributing informative and educational articles to this website. Our expert brings an unparalleled level of professionalism and excellence to each project he undertakes. His steadfast dedication to quality and safety has earned him a trustworthy reputation.

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Portable scaffolding

Working at Height

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In recent years falls from height accounted for 48% of fatal injuries to workers in the UK The main areas…

House builders safety docs

Small Building Works

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Small Builders are those who carry out domestic projects for private home owners or those that carry out small business…

site rules for safety

Covid-19 Back to work

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As more and more building sites open up and work resumes, We should still assess the risks and follow rules…

demolition ppe

Demolition Hazards

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Hazards PLAN ahead to get the job done safely Proper planning is essential to ensure a demolition operation is conducted…

Managing Non-Compliance

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Managing Non Compliance Each company should have a non compliance policy and procedures system, Below is an example that covers…

residential demolition

Demolition of Internal Load Bearing Walls

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Basic Safe Work Method:- For Demolition of Internal Load Bearing Walls Ensure that all services to the area have been…

safety files

Accident or Incident Investigation

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All accidents, incidents and near misses must be investigated, This checklist is a useful tool to aid investigations. Checklist for…

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General Plumbing Risk Assessment

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For general plumbing works there are a number of associated risks, The examples below are the main risks associated with…

House builders safety docs

House Builders Safety Document Pack

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We have completed a new House builders safety document pack that contains Method Statements, Risk Assessments and COSHH, These cover…

residential demolition

Demolition Risks

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The UK Health & Safety Executive states that any demolition or structural alterations and removals must be carefully planned and…

Construction Method Statements & Risk Assessments Pack

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Our popular Builders Mega Pack  has been reduced in price, we offer 57 documents for just £193.57  £79.99 These are…

site rules for safety

What is a near miss?

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A near miss is where an accident could have occurred or an unsafe work area or persons working or acting…