Corrective Action Plan

Corrective actions will normally be identified by Incidents, accidents, workplace inspections and safety audits.

What is the purpose of a corrective action plan?

The action plan will be compiled with details of the problem or non conformance, and will list the preventative actions required to rectify them.

Who is responsible?

The plan should be compiled by the site management or if possible with the health and safety officer, A person will be appointed to write the plan and the plan will include the person or persons responsible for carrying out the corrective actions.

Preventative Measures

Any preventative measures required to ensure that the problem does not recur are listed, for example: training required for the tasks, allocation of resources such as labour or finances etc.

Action Plan

All actions are listed, these are described with a suitable amount of detail, each action should have a person and sponsor listed that will be carrying out the action, in addition a close out or target date for completion of the action is required. Often a traffic light system is used against the action:-

Red: Not completed

Amber: Currently underway

Green: Completed

These are added at safety or site meetings, if an action has not been completed by the date required then an explanation of why the action has not been closed out is required by the person/s responsible and as a result further action will be be required. The progress of current actions should be noted and reviewed if required. Actions that have been successfully completed will be noted and the action signed off.

A basic example of an action plan:-

Incident/non conformance:

Worker injured when trying to collect materials from the storage area, Items he required were underneath materials that had been delivered and placed on top of his materials and he was hurt when the pallet fell off the pile when he tried pulling materials out to get to his stored items.

Preventative Measures:

Material storage to be planned and sufficient space allocated to ensure the various materials are easily at hand.

Action Plan:

1. Review the current material storage area.

2. Set up designated areas for specific materials and ensure deliveries are planned and supervised.


General note: All corrective actions must be written down, filed in the site safety file and copies issued to all concerned, Health and safety related non conformances can also be used where suppliers have delivered unsafe equipment or materials delivered packed that make safe use an issue.

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