House Builders Safety Document Pack

We have completed a new House builders safety document pack that contains Method Statements, Risk Assessments and COSHH, These cover all aspects of house building from site establishment to plastering and decorating. The current 30 document pack contains the following documents in MS Word format:-

COSHH – Crystalline silica dust.
COSHH – Tile adhesive and grout.
COSHH – Assessment Plaster.
COSHH – Cement OPC.
Method Statement for brick and block work.
Method Statement for Block and Beam floors.
Method Statement for concrete foundations.
Method Statement for Drainage Work.
Method Statement for lifting operations.
Method Statement for Control of Construction Dust.
Method Statement for Excavations.
Method Statement for painting and decoration.
Method Statement for Taping Jointing and Plastering.
Method Statement for site establishment.
Method statement for the Installation of electrical services.
Method Statement for the erection of timber framed houses.
Risk Assessment -Buried and overhead services.
Risk Assessment Disposal of Waste Materials.
Risk Assessment for brick and block work.
Risk Assessment for cutting and grinding.
Risk Assessment For excavators and excavations.
Risk Assessment for Electrical Work.
Risk Assessment for Manual Handling.
Method Statement for wall and floor tiling.
Risk Assessment For Slips and trips.
Risk Assessment for use and operation of mechanical cement mixer
Risk Assessment for work at height.
Risk-Assessment-Powered Wood Cutting Tools.
Risk Assessment- Hand Arm Vibration.
Risk Assessment- General Plumbing Works
This Pack is available to purchase HERE