Method Statements

Method Statements

Being able to safely carry out any type of task in the workplace requires thought and planning. A  Method Statement should be written to provide a safe work method with attention to steps to reduce risk, the tools and equipment that should be used, the people who will be carrying out the work, supervision, welfare and first aid arrangements.

Who should write the Method Statement? The most obvious person is the person that will be supervising the work, or written by a manager with the supervisors input as he or she will have first hand knowledge of the task and the steps that would be required to complete the work.

Should the Method Statement be simple or very detailed? This depends on the work type and/or the client/Main Contractors Project Health and Safety requirements, however as the document should be part of a “tool box” talk or briefing the details should be brief and to the point.

What should the work steps look like? The work steps should be detailed enough to describe the task, see the example below of the steps taken for a  Carpet Cleaning Method Statement.



  • The work area will be inspected with the client and work confirmed. Heavy items will need to be assessed for manual handling risks.
  • The area will be cleaned of easy to move items, electrical and personal items should be removed by the client/clients’ staff.
  • A small inconspicuous area will be cleaned first; this will allow the cleaning crew to determine if the carpet is suitable for the equipment/chemicals that will be used.
  • Pre-vacuum and stain pre-spraying will be carried out. 
  • All pre-treated areas will be checked before the main operations commence.
  • The cleaning will continue as per manufacturers instructions.
  • As much water as possible will be extracted from the carpets. 
  • Dirty water will be disposed of in an appropriate area.
  • The work area will then be checked, should further treatment be required this will then be carried out.
  • On completion the client will be asked to inspect the work.

At all times, electrical cables will be kept in a safe manner, in addition hoses and associated buckets etc will be kept in a way to prevent slips strips and falls.

The example work steps above are basic but show appropriate steps to complete the task.

What do I do with the Method Statement? Give a copy to each person that attends the briefing, and more than likely the client will want a copy, and you should file a copy in the project safety file or in a dedicated file containing all your Method Statements.

For examples of Method Statements we recommend this website HERE


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