Method Statement for the control of Dust on Construction Sites

Dust generated on construction sites is not only a nuisance to nearby properties, but could be hazardous if generated and blowing on to  public roads. The hazards on the site would range from visibility to inhalation of silica or other fine dust particles. Construction sites should therefore establish safe work method statements to provide the most practicable safe methods of carrying out dust producing works.

Typical dust producing work areas that require safe systems of work:-

  1. Excavations

Dust is likely to be generated when excavations are being carried out, this could be topsoil strip or other excavation works. The work area should be dampened down using water from a hose (portable or fixed) or a water bowser.

  1. Screening Excavated Soils

If the excavated material is to be screened then a damping down facility should be established on the screening equipment, this should be a very fine mist to reduce slurry or mud forming. Any stockpiles should be well compacted with gentle slopes.

  1. Demolition

A major source of dust on site, depending on the site size a dust suppression system is to be installed prior to the demolition work commencing. Should the demolition material be crushed and screened onsite then again a propriety dust suppression system should be installed. If cutting equipment is used then ensure that it utilizes a wet cutting system. Use covered skips and chutes to further reduce dust.

  1. Haul Roads

Whether made from imported materials of materials crushed on site haul roads to be constructed in well compacted layers.  Dust suppression to be by water bowser to ensure that haul roads are kept damp, if required then a suitable additive binder/suppressant should be used.

  1. Site Entrances/Exits

Concrete/tar site roads, (new housing or existing roads within site) these should be cleaned using a road sweeper and again damped down by water bowser.  If required a fixed wheel wash system is to be installed. 

A full method statement for dust generated on Building and construction sites  is available to purchase HERE


Excavator loading a crusher
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