Management of Risk in the Workplace


Building and Construction companies should  introduce a Risk Management system and ensure all workplace hazards and associated risks have been  identified, assessed and control measures implemented.

This can be effectively established by:

  1. Establishing a register of hazards and associated risks, this should be established for each site.
  2. Undertaking  risk management  with representatives from the workforce, staff at all levels should be included in inspections and help compiling Risk Assessments and control measures.
  3. Training of employees in the use and application of all control measures identified for each  risk, this should include method statements compiled for each task.

 Specific risk management strategies shall be implemented within Companies:

  1. Controlling workplace access, suitable fencing and manned gates, danger signs on fences, use a visitors book (access control register).
  2. Staff identification MUST be carried out, this should be in the form of a security badge with a photo.
  3. Risk identification by inpection of work areas.
  4. Assessment control, Risk Assessments.
  5. Risk control, supervision and continual monitoring of areas or work practices where required.
  6. Safe work practices, toolbox talks, inspections.
  7. Isolation procedures, establish tags, lock out systems and signs.
  8. Hazardous substances management, COSHH risk  assessments.
  9. See that all controls identified in an investigation are authorised with signed documentation.
  10. Allocate responsibility against each control, to ensure everyone is aware of what is required of them. Any lack of response shall be tracked to the responsible person.
  11. Ensure controls have a time frame allocated to them for completion.
  12. Ensure all employees concerned have received sufficient training, or arrange for retraining, as deemed necessary by the findings of the investigation.

After implementing controls, ensure they are evaluated at a future time. (This is to ensure that the controls have not caused any further hazards, and that they are in fact appropriate to reducing the likelihood of a recurrence of the same event.)

 Sample risk control schedule:


Work Area:                                          Date prepared:Signed: [Insert name of risk management team member to verify control]
Work zone/location
Task/activity/ work process
Control measure
Control deadline
Person responsible for implementation
If delayed, state reason
If delayed, state new deadline


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