Danger Tags for Out of Service Equipment

The use of danger tags should be a strict requirement on any work site.

Definitions:-  Out of Service Tag: a red or yellow tag system designed to place faulty or unsafe plant or equipment out of use in order to prevent damage to the plant or equipment.

Best Practice Procedure

(1)        Supplies of danger tags shall be readily available, whether that be in the work area, carried on the person or in tool boxes.

(2)        A danger tag shall be attached to the main isolating switch, valve or other positive isolating device on the unit, whenever a danger is posed to the individual from the operation of the machine, equipment or the flow of the energy source.

(3)        It is the responsibility of the individual to identify any situation with the potential for danger and to ensure danger tags are used.

(4)        Switches such as push buttons, emergency stops and control switches are not positive isolators and shall never be used as such.

(5)        Where there is a need for multiple switches, valves or positive isolators to be isolated, a danger tag shall be placed on each one, by each individual working on the task.

(6)        Each individual shall place their own danger tag on the main isolating apparatus, before commencing any work.

(7)        No individual shall operate any switch, valve or positive isolator when a danger tag is attached to it.

(8)        A danger tag must have the name of the person placing the tag, what has been isolated, and the date recorded on it.

(9)        An individual is only permitted to remove their own danger tag.

(10)     Failure to obey clause 7 or 9 will result in disciplinary action commensurate with the severity of the breach.

(11)     At the completion of the task or at the end of the shift, the individual must remove their own danger tag. If the plant or equipment is still unsafe to operate, due to its condition, an out of service tag shall be completed and placed on the switch, valve or positive isolator, before removal of their danger tag.

(12)     In circumstances where a person leaves the site without removing their danger tag, they will be contacted by the supervisor to return and remove their tag. Their return shall be at the expense of the individual.

(13)     In the event that the individual who placed the danger tag and left it on is not able to be contacted, the following shall apply. The supervisor or manager, after a full investigation of the situation personally, may remove the danger tag when satisfied it is safe to do so.

(14)     All individuals placing a danger tag must ensure they are doing so on the correct switch, valve or positive isolator, and that it is in the correct position.

(15)     If any uncertainty exists in (14), consult with your supervisor before proceeding.

(16)         In situations where intermittent operation of equipment or plant is needed during maintenance work, a written variation to this procedure must be obtained from the relevant manager

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