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Foundation trench

Mass Fill Concrete Trench Foundations

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This basic example method statement is suitable for building foundations for new house’s or other types of structures where mass…

Drainage Method Statement

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This example Method statement shows the basic requirements for a method statement for installing drainage:- Objective: Installation, and connection of…

pile of bricks

Method Statement For Bricklaying

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What should be included in a  Method Statement for Bricklaying? The Task: To Complete Bricklaying work to the required line,…

Portable scaffolding

Working at Height

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In recent years falls from height accounted for 48% of fatal injuries to workers in the UK The main areas…

House builders safety docs

Small Building Works

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Small Builders are those who carry out domestic projects for private home owners or those that carry out small business…

demolition ppe

Demolition Hazards

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Hazards PLAN ahead to get the job done safely Proper planning is essential to ensure a demolition operation is conducted…

residential demolition

Demolition of Internal Load Bearing Walls

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Basic Safe Work Method:- For Demolition of Internal Load Bearing Walls Ensure that all services to the area have been…

House builders safety docs

House Builders Safety Document Pack

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We have completed a new House builders safety document pack that contains Method Statements, Risk Assessments and COSHH, These cover…

residential demolition

Demolition Risks

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The UK Health & Safety Executive states that any demolition or structural alterations and removals must be carefully planned and…

Construction Method Statements & Risk Assessments Pack

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Our popular Builders Mega Pack  has been reduced in price, we offer 57 documents for just £193.57  £79.99 These are…

Reinforced concrete formwork

Steel Reinforcement and Formwork

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Fixing Reinforcement  ( A 6 page method statement is available HERE) Engineers will set out the main outline of the…

Brick and Blockwork Pack

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In general brick and blockwork method statements and risk assessments will contain the following information:- All drawings will be studied…